Affiliate marketing is great because you can promote someone’s product and generate a commission. Usually you will make about 50%. So promote and sell a $100 product and make $50 – sell 10 of these and make $500.

You may decide to promote a product with recurring commissions and receive monthly income. Sell it once and get paid over and over.

Clickbank has a ton of products to promote. Just go to ‘ClickBank Marketplace‘ and click on a category and look for an interesting product. If you sort by ‘Gravity’ then they will list the top selling products.

When you create an account with clickBank you will choose your account nickname. And this will be used in promoting their products.

I always recommend that you purchase the product before selling it so you really know if you want to promote it. If you don’t like it then don’t promote it. You only want to promote great products.

There are other ‘Affiliate Networks’ that I will blog about later.

So visit ‘ClickBank’ and checkout their affiliate products.

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